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Our fundraising and advocacy work is only made possible by the 350 members ROAR has spanning all five boroughs of NYC as well as well beyond the city limits, extending into all parts of the state. With the voice of New York restaurant owners and industry veterans, our advocacy and fundraising efforts are duly informed and guided accordingly. Our members engage in our work at all levels, asking tough questions, bringing group concerns into conversations with key law makers and motivating their communities to partake in our fundraising efforts.


What is it like to be a ROAR member?

As a ROAR member you’ll receive our newsletter and included in our updates from experts, lobbyists, partner and working groups.

What areas of policy is ROAR focusing on? 

Working with Kasirer, the leading lobbying firm in New York state, we are advocating to create an equitable wage structure for restaurant workers and to revolutionize the hospitality operating model to help independent restaurants thrive in New York City. We are also developing a robust Health and Wellness program for all restaurant workers. We are connecting with the most influential lawmakers of New York state on the issues most relevant to our industry. We are being heard!

How does ROAR organize its advocacy work? 

Working with Kasirer, much of our contact with lawmakers is mediated through them, thankfully. However ROAR's Steering Committee function as driving force on our where our energy is directed. As a member, you’ll have the opportunity to join our efforts and participate in key activations to enact legislative change.

How does ROAR (and its members) raise and distribute funds for restaurant workers?

During the height of the COVID crisis, we raised $3 million for the ROAR x Robin Hood Fund through robust partnerships and outreach to our own networks and communities. Checks of $500 were distributed on a first-come, first-serve basis to over 6500 NYC restaurant workers who are unemployed as a result of the current pandemic.

What can I do to support right now?

Donate here! Our most up to date calls to action are always featured on our instagram. So please follow us and get involved! 

Interested in membership?

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