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Now more than ever, there is a greater emphasis on the importance of mental health. Restaurant workers are uniquely susceptible to stressors that can lead to long term mental health issues, but often find themselves without access to professional resources. 

Through a strategic partnership with Southern Smoke, ROAR is proud to offer access to one-on-one therapy for free to restaurant workers. Southern Smoke is a non profit that serves the food and beverage community and has a strong track record of providing counseling to restaurant workers in Texas, Louisiana, and Pennsylvania and ROAR is excited to be Southern Smoke’s partner in New York.

The mind is a muscle, and it requires daily exercise to thrive. ROAR is partnered with Coa - the mental health gym - and offers restaurant workers exclusive access to a digital library of short exercises called “emotional pushups”. These are designed to build a mental health routine and strengthen personal emotional fitness. Topics include conflict and stress management, along with various other topics relevant to the daily personal and professional life in the restaurant industry. ROAR will offer monthly subscriptions through this partnership to anyone interested in building a daily mental health routine.

ROAR’s partnership with the Financial Gym will help give 1000 restaurant workers three free months of unlimited personal finance coaching. Financial Gym’s one-on-one (virtual) coaches are trained to help with budgeting, understanding student loans, questions about managing credit cards, and how to develop a healthy mindset around money.


ROAR partnered with Urban Upbound - an organization that provides free tax preparation, financial counseling, and secure banking through the Urban Upbound Federal Credit Union. Stay tuned for more information!